Dr. Davidson Starts Teaching at MAUN

02.11.2022 11:38

Within the scope of the United States English Language Fellowship program, Dr. Chad Christopher DAVIDSON started his job as of November 2, 2022. He will work as a visiting lecturer in the Department of Foreign Language Education at the Faculty of Education during 2022-2023 academic year.

As a result of the application made by the Department of Foreign Language Education to the US Embassy in Ankara to host an American faculty member within the scope of the English Language Fellowship program, Dr. DAVIDSON came to Muş and started teaching in the department. Muş Alparslan University became one of the 10 universities in Turkey that hosted an American fellow in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Having started to teach listening, speaking and pronunciation courses in the compulsory English preparatory program and English language teaching undergraduate program, Dr. DAVIDSON expressed his excitement to be at Muş Alparslan University after a long process and thanked Dr. Yusuf ÖZTÜRK and Dr. Sabahattin YEŞİLÇINAR for their efforts in handling the formal processes and steps.

Prof. Dr. Esin KAYA, the dean of the Faculty of Education, expressed her satisfaction and stated that Dr. DAVIDSON will make a significant contribution to ELT students’ academic development.  

Dr. Yusuf ÖZTÜRK, Head of the Department of Foreign Language Education, stated that Dr. DAVIDSON started his job after a long process and, along with his lectures at the department, he will contribute to our students and lecturers with speaking club activities. Dr. Sabahattin YEŞİLÇINAR, head of the ELT program, expressed his satisfaction with the appointment of Dr. DAVIDSON and stated that they are working on hosting another American fellow in the following academic year.